The Thursday night paddles started with a mountain bike injury.

The long and the short of it is I fell mountain biking and wrecked my knee. Sam, a fellow mountain biker and kayaker, introduced me to kayaking. Another fellow rider, Jay, was taken by kayaking, too, and we were three, the first of the Thursday night paddlers.

Why Thursday nights? Thursday night was one of our regular mountain bike rides. That time slot now vacant, we filled it with kayaking. This transformation took place in late winter / early spring of 1998.

Thursday night paddles are show ‘n goes. I’ve built up a list of more than 100 kayakers who’ve expressed an interest in paddling Thursdays. I email the Thursday launch site and time on Tuesdays. Those on the list who can go, show. An average turnout is 4 or 7 paddlers, 9 or 11 the high. In the years I’ve been paddling Thursday nights, I’ve had to solo less than a dozen times. That’s not a bad statistic, considering we paddle every Thursday night of the year.

Next time you’re in San Francisco, join us for a nighttime paddle on the bay.

The early years, 2000

More recent, 2019